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Past students work for

Welcome to the digital economy

Welcome to an era of ‘hybrid jobs’ with a deep focus on digital skills. These are the jobs that are a combination of business and technical skills. To survive and flourish in this economy, you got to do two things right :

Stay ahead of the game

Find technologies and processes that are impacting your function and industry. If you are a software developer working on legacy systems and languages maybe consider learning a new in demand programming language.

Develop a monetizable career changing skill

Covid 19 has taught us not to be overly dependent on a job. The only way to reduce dependency on your employment paycheck is by developing an in-demand digital skill that is monetizable on its own as a side hustle and potentially converting into a full time profession

Technologies and systems that are changing the world


Data skills are must have and often require nominal programming skills as a prerequisite to skilling up. Tools around Analytics, and Business Intelligence could be a great start to your career in data analysis and reporting.


There is no technology that has impacted businesses - as much as Cloud has in the last 10 years. Cloud has built efficiencies, and eliminated costs. Knowledge of cloud software is now fundamental to skilling up.

Site Reliability Engineering

Started in Google, and now adopted by top tier tech companies such as Amazon and Netflix, Site Reliability Engineering is, according to a LinkedIn poll of 2019, among one of the most in demand skills in the tech industry today.

And this is why we built North Up

North Up was born out of a few technology professionals' journey and lived experience of growing their career by up-skilling in the fields of emerging technologies – Business Intelligence, Site Reliability Engineering and Data Analytics.

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