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Summary of the Project line

Dynamic Corp is a fictitious Digital Solutions company operating in Canada. It mainly operates in the B2B space offering customized solutions in Audio Visual, Electronic Security and ICT Systems to small and medium business enterprises.

Mr. Paul Gardner, the Chief Financial Officer needs to go through a financial dashboard on monthly basis for decision making and strategy. Therefore, it’s required that real-time financial data and measurements are presented to him as visual snapshots.

This data will not only help him in checking the financial pulse of the company but will also indicate any warning signs of financial problems.

To help Paul stay on top of the profitability performance of his company we are going to create a dashboard consisting of the following reports:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income
  • P & L (Product wise)
  • Top Customers (by Sales)
  • Customer Aging
  • Budget Reports
  • Assets

Learning Outcome line

Through our Business Intelligence online course, you will learn to work with multiple data sources, build data models to understand relationships and format data in most appropriate visualizations. In other words, you will understand the business intelligence work flow.

By creating a financial dashboard you will learn about sales, costs, revenue goals, profit margins and high performing products and services.

Type of Reports line

Tabular visualization, Drill down, Matrix, Maps, Funnels, Gauge Charts, Bar graphs, Histograms, Pie Charts, Scatter Plot and many more.

Parameters used for the report line

While creating this dashboard you will work with the following:

Source Tables:

Sale order Header Detailed table (where we use have sales by product id, Store wise and Online Sales), COPA Tables, Sale order Header, Detailed table, With Product details ( Where we use have sales by product id, Store wise and Online Sales ), Combining them with Left Outer Join, Planned Budget, Department, Actual Expense, Item level Account and Master Account Table, Date, Location

Key Variables:

Account Key, Date Key, Dept Key, Account description, Product Id, falg Variable, Amount, Cust ID, Accounts Key, Depart ID, Amount Key

Transformations Used:

Sort, Merge Join, Lookup, Union All, Fuzzy Look Up, Conditional Split ( To Separate Store Sales and Online sales), Aggregate (Count) for to find top Customers, Derived Column

Type of Load:


Cube with Dim/ Fact Tables:

Dim: Accounts, Date, Department, Fact: Finance

Dim: Date, Account, Product, Fact: Revenue

Dim: Date, Account, Product, Fact: Sales by Store, Online (COPA Cube)

Dim: Date, Dept, Fact: P/A

Key Measures:

Amount, Account keys Sales Amount, Product, Ageing variable

Calculated Fields:

Sum of All Assets, Liabilities, P&L = COGS-Revenue, Cumulative and % Cumulative Changes YTD




Year, Quarter, Month