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Summary of the Project line

Minerva Corp is a fictitious consumer packaged goods company operating in Canada. Ms. Jane Doe, the Chief Marketing Officer needs to see a sales and marketing dashboard every day to know which products are selling well, which channel of distribution is working, conversion rate for B2B clients and which marketing campaigns are efficient in terms of ROI.

This dashboard drives her decision-making for all marketing verticals - sales and distribution, brand management, digital marketing and campaigns.

It is also important for her to have updated numbers daily so she can catch insights and trends that may cause concerns in future.

To solve for this we are going to create a dashboard consisting of the following reports

Sales Related:
  • Internet Sales Report
  • Retail Sales Report
  • Combined Sales Analysis
Marketing Related:
  • Lead Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis

Learning Outcome line

Through our Business Intelligence online course, you will learn to work with multiple data sources, build data models to understand relationships and format data in most appropriate visualizations. In other words, you will understand the business intelligence work flow.

Type of Reports line

Tabular visualization, Drill down, Matrix, Maps, Funnels, Gauge Charts, Bar graphs, Histograms, Pie Charts, Scatter Plot and many more.

Parameters used for the report line

While creating this dashboard you will work with the following:

Source Tables:

Sale order Header, Detailed table (Where we have sales by product id, Store wise and Online Sales), Lead Header, Campaign Header, Campaign table, With Product details (s) combining them with Left Outer Join

Key Variables:

Product Id, falg Variable, Amount

Transformations Used:

Sort, Merge, Join, and Aggregate (Count) to find top Customers

Key Measures:

Sales Amount, Product, Customer, Account keys, Leads Number, Number of Campaigns, Date Campaign, Account keys

Type of Load:


Cube with Dim/ Fact Tables:

Dim: Date, Account, Product

Fact: Sales by Store, Online

Calculated Fields:

Revenue, Tax Amount, Average Price, Product Cost, Combined, Revenue Combined, Tax Amount, Campaign Cost