Prepare Your Team for Tomorrow

As technology evolves, workforce skills must keep pace with new demands

Automation and AI are changing the future of work rapidly. While some job roles become obsolete, others will require higher technical skills to survive. As jobs roles get reshaped by new technologies, there are opportunities for employers to up-skill existing workers and cultivate effective talent pipelines.

Companies need to upgrade the technical knowledge of employees and expand their skill sets so they’re ready to take on these future challenges.

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  Why North Up?

North Up offers digital skills’ training that prepares people for jobs of the future. Our specialized courses in data analytics, business intelligence and site reliability engineering ensure that professionals will have the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly data driven digital world.

  About the Training

We offer all our courses virtually through a live instructor so students can receive live feedback and clear their doubts right in the class.

Our trainers have worked with some of the largest corporations in North America training their workforce in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Courses Offered

sql tableau

Data Analytics including
SQL and Tableau


Business Intelligence
including Power BI


Business Intelligence
with Azure Data Factory


Site Reliability

If you’re ready to prepare your workforce to take on future roles with
agility, get in touch with us at or 416 606 7966