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Google considers SRE to be a scarce skill. SRE’s get paid more than Data Scientists. One of the top 20 skills according to LinkedIn. Are you ready for the future?

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The concept of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) started in Google in 2003 under the aegis of Ben Treynor, VP of engineering at Google who is considered to be the 'Father of SRE' movement. It all started when a small group of engineers were tasked to make Google more efficient, reliable and fast. The practices they developed were so great that other large tech firms such as Amazon and Netflix quickly adapted those in their own companies.

Later, SRE became a full-fledged IT domain and gained acceptance across other large IT companies such as IBM, Dell, etc. Today, SRE is one of the most in-demand skills and according to a LinkedIn hot job survey is among the Top 20 hot jobs for 2019.

Site Reliability Engineers are paid a median salary of $150,000 in the USA earning more than Data Scientists with a median salary of $120,000.

Course Overview

Reinvent your career

SRE is one of the hottest skills sought after by large employers with a B2C business model. According to LinkedIn, Site reliability engineers had the highest median salary in the tech world (even ahead of data scientists). If you are a person with IT operations or Devops background, you can become an SRE with the right training and mentorship. All you need is to understand how to apply your IT operations or Devops skills and marry it with the fundamentals of SRE.

Employment Oriented

This course is employment-oriented so there is a lot of emphasis on career services such as resume development, interview skills, professional networking, guest speakers to help you move up the employment ladder

Learning Outcomes

The tenets of SRE, how to transform ops, how to scale and maintain applications in a complex hybrid environment, how to build observability, running containers, how to thrive in chaos, how to make your ecosystem anti-fragile and you will be familiar with a bunch of industry standard tools such as Data Dog, Terraform, Dynatrace and Gitlab

Flexible Payments

Pay in 3 equal parts . No hidden charges. No income share agreements.

Program Highlights

  • 40 Hours Live Online Instructor-led Training
  • 10 Hours of Career Services to help you prepare for SRE jobs
  • Deep level understanding of most used Telemetry tools in the market
  • Introduction to AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Real Life Case Studies, Assignments and Quizzes.
  • 6 Months Access to Video Recordings of all Sessions
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Flexible Payment Schedule – 3 equal instalments. No Income share agreements.
  • Guest Speakers who are leading SRE practitioners
program highlights

Our Trainer

Sagar Mehta

With over 15+ years of experience in DevOps/SRE implementation and training in large enterprises such as VMware, Intel, Barclays, Wells Fargo, Vodafone, JPMC and 25 others, Sagar is one of the most experienced Site reliability engineering and DevOps trainers in the world today. He has delivered over 150+ Programs on essential tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible and 100+ programs on DevOps/SRE Foundations.

Sagar has performed hands-on DevOps/SRE implementation at several large organizations and transformed the way IT ops is done. He influenced all 3 critical pillars of change - people process and technology to effect this transformation.

Sagar is also very passionate about coaching people and sharing his wealth of knowledge, he takes time to personally help his students navigate through challenges in the tech world through 1x1 mentoring sessions.


During the journey of this course, you will not only learn theory but also practically apply the material you’ve learnt on a live production website. You will play the role of a Managed services Reliability Engineering consulting firm that is responsible for scaling, maintaining and building a normal website into a world-class website by using tools, techniques and processes learnt in this course.

Fees and Next Batch

Nov 2020


Dec 2020


Jan 2021


Payable in 3 equal installments.

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While most content you find online may ask for software development as a pre-requisite for becoming a Site Reliability engineer, we believe that system administrators or quality assurance engineers with a passion to solve problems can also become successful SREs by learning new skills in addition to their primary area of expertise

If you answer yes to these questions, then you can begin your journey to becoming a successful SRE.

Do you like solving large scale system problems?

Are you someone that understands the art of breaking down a problem into smaller parts?

Have you always had a customer first approach?

Our past students have come from various IT backgrounds such as software testing, Systems Engineering, Performance Engineering, Software Development, L2/L3 production support, Incident/Problem Management etc.

The IT world is rethinking how operations are being run and looking for opportunities to optimize cost and efficiency, this is why SREs are a hot commodity. They are problem solvers and bring a different approach to IT operations that not just optimizes cost but also improves customer experience. They measure KPIs extensively and apply engineering solutions to complex problems. A simple google search for SRE will show you the demand for this skill in the market today.

While you don’t have to change your job, adding SRE skills and thought process to your current role will stand you head and shoulders above your competition even in your current role. Once you are ready to make the transition to a full-time SRE, the experience you gain using these skills on the job in your current role will help you excel.

Yes, this program is built for working professionals keeping in mind your commitments and challenges. The trainings will be conducted on weekends (about 3 hours) and spending about 3 hours over the entire week on lab work and case studies in preparation for the next class will be an ideal investment to extract the most from this course

Yes, you can contact your SRE course instructor through email for any support or clarification. They will reply to you within 24 hours. Also, doubt clearing sessions with the instructor can be arranged apart from the regular class hours if the batch desires so.

Our batch size is limited to 5-10 students for us to give personalized attention. Yes, you will receive the live session recordings

Yes, you will receive a SRE certification from North Up on successful completion of the course.

This course comes with 5 hours of career services that includes Resume Development, Mock Interview , LinkedIn Profile Development and Coaching on professional networking. For more information please visit Career Services

Yes, you can pay the fee in 3 equal installments. You can pay via credit card or bank transfer. We do not charge any processing fees.

Absolutely. If you have an approved budget for your employer that covers full or part of the course fees, we will be happy to bill your employer directly while billing you the balance amount individually if the entire course fees is not covered.

Course fee is 100% refundable if you cancel your booking at least 5 business days prior to the start date of the Course. If the cancellation is made within 4 hours of course delivery, 90% of the first installment is refundable. If the cancellation is made between 5-10 hours of course delivery, 50% of the amount paid is refundable. After the first 10 hours of the course are completed there are no refunds.

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